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Do you ever wonder why you are here?

You know there’s more to life than paying bills until you die but you keep on going through the motions just to survive.

You have felt that there is something special inside you, that you came here to do something bigger than yourself but then you think that’s too good to be true.

Maybe you have had some of the symptoms of the spiritual awakening but they leave you feeling like you are crazy or that you are making things up!

You want more from this existence!

If you are reading this then it is time to awaken the magic inside of you and live in alignment with your unique purpose and mission!

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What’s the solution?
Accept life as it is and try to stay positive? 

Your Soul says that’s not going to work any longer!

Society tells you to get married, have kids, have good credit, go into debt, follow the rules and then, when you retire, you can enjoy life and do what you really want.  When will that be?  When you’re 70?

There’s one thing you know and that is you can’t spend the rest of your life like this.  Even if you could you sure don’t want to.

& Deserves!

You’re ready to discover and claim your innate spiritual gifts and see miracles unfolding before your eyes!

You’re called to be of service and work for something bigger than yourself.

You have been craving a tribe of spiritual besties who are feeling the calling and ready to make radical changes just like you!

Together, you will be the change you wish to see in this world!

I’m here to tell you, you can!

Following the masses is an epidemic.  And, honestly, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.



Awaken is everything you need to discover and develop your innate spiritual gifts, your psychic and even mediumship abilities, for a complete spiritual transformation!


Take a second an allow yourself to imagine your potential as an awakened lightworker.

When you close your eyes can you picture:


  • Being totally aligned with who you are meant to be.  You know you are special but don’t know how to find it.
  • Seeing the impact you make in the lives of others by sharing your gifts.
  • Having a connection with your inner spirit and working with something that is bigger than you!
  • Knowing that you are part of the collective evolution and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Having the ability to work from anywhere and having more abundance by living your Soul’s mission.

What Some of My Students Have to Say

I am now a Psychic Medium who communicates with NON-Verbal, Special needs children and adults.

I learned how to give a voice to the voiceless. . .

Lynette Kraley

Awaken Alumni

Take a look at this proven curriculum that gives you the easy shortcut to a complete transformation!

Module 1

  •  Intuition the first steps
  • Spiritual protection and boundaries
  • Spiritual dictionary


Module 2

  • Assemble your spiritual team
  • Strengthen communication
  • Understanding your energy


Module 3

  • How to deliver information from Spirit
  • Practice photo reading


Module 4

  • Discover, develop and practice
    using clairvoyance, psychic seeing
  • Practice reading through time and space


Module 5

  • Discover, develop and practice
    using clairaudience, psychic hearing
  • Practice readings for psychic hearing


Module 6

  • Discover, develop and practice
    using clairsentience, psychic feeling
  • Practice readings with psychic feeling


Module 7

 Sacred space and self-care for the intuitive


Module 8

  • Meet and learn to work with your angels


Module 9

  • Discover, develop and practice using mediumship, connecting with past loved ones (not a required portion of the class)
  • Practice mediumship readings


Module 10

  • Discover, develop and practice
    communicating with animals
  • Practice readings for animal communication


Module 11

Divination tools and healing modalities


Module 12

your role as a lightworker


Module 13

Divination tools

  • Pendulums
  • Oracle Cards
  • Practice Readings


Module 14

Healing modalities
Phone readings


Module 15

Your role as a lightworker
Practice Readings

Hi, I’m Brandaleen

Hi, I’m Brandaleen and I used to be a “normal” human!  I worked as a marketing specialist in corporate America for over 15 years.  But…..

I didn’t feel like I fit in, nor did I want to, to society’s norm.  I felt lost.  I knew there was more to life than paying bills until I died.  I knew, deep down, I was here for something bigger than myself.

And then, it happened!  I started to experience the spiritual awakening!

 I became sensitive to crowds.  I could feel the emotions of others around me.  I felt like I imagined people’s lives while I stood behind them in line at the store.

Fast forward to today and I have found my purpose and my entire life and reality changed.  Now I  am a spiritual life and business coach, psychic medium, author and educator specializing in helping you develop into your special gifts!


Because you know YOU came here for more than going through the motions of society, and I KNOW (because I’m psychic – funny but seriously), that we are evolving as a species!  Are you ready to find purpose, help others, and make an impact?

Join me!

Watch this interview with one of my previous clients, now a Psychic Medium, Shannon Dawn!

Meet your guest expert trainers!

Johnine Barlow

Johnine Barlow

Gifted Medium

Johnine is a professional Medium, Soul Mentor, Transformational Guide and Awakened Business Leader located in Western Australia.  Specializing in Kundalini Awakening, Johnine helps others enhance relationships and business as they align to their soul’s desires, directing and manifesting from their Higher Version and potential.

You can find out more about Johnine and her services and awakening courses at

Ron Schaefer

Ron Schaefer

Miracle Mindset Coach

Ron is a Miracle Mindset Coach and Spiritual Intuitive who helps people live a life of ease and grace by combining his spiritual gifts along with the spiritual principles found in the Course In Miracles.

He teaches and mentors students to connect with the Akashic Records to receive divine information and has online courses and programs to help his followers have a miracle mindset!

You can find out more about Ron and connect with him on his website at

Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole

Spiritual Coach

Megan is a spiritual life coach, medium, NLP practitioner, and healer.  She works with spirit to help others find their life purpose and delivers healing messages from their loved ones on the “other side”.

Passionate about psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics she helps others to understand that our Souls live on and that our true self is found within!

Megan has development courses specializing in developing into mediumship and you can find out more about her on her site,

The AWAKEN program taught me much more than I had expected, and Brandaleen teaches in a way everyone can relate to! She’s truly passionate about seeing each of her “students” become all she knows they can.

I am now a clairvoyant psychic medium and healer. And I can’t wait for the amazing lifetime ahead of me!

Heather Gillette

Awaken Alumni

This course has it all from beginning to end when it comes to spiritual development.  It helped me blossom into all my gifts including my intuition and mediumship abilities that I never knew I had.  Brandaleen is such a knowledgeable, positive and encouraging mentor and the group that goes along with the class was super helpful!

Beth Anne Harrington

Psychic Medium

Get ready to receive all of this when you join!

What Some of My Students Have to Say

The AWAKEN program has truly been life-changing for me! It allowed me to practice in a great environment with such great people and learn so much about my abilities. It truly is a course that starts with great foundation techniques through more advanced ideas and concepts. It has proven so invaluable, and the power of manifestation from this class has sent me to Hawaii to learn a skill I had been wanting to learn forever. You can thrive in your reality and this class is truly the starting point!

Laura Masters

QHHT practitioner | Channeler

What a Relief it was to know I was not crazy,
after all. I now know I am a clairaudient medium!

Jaeneen Snyder

Awaken Alumni

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