Awaken – The First Steps

AWAKEN – The First Steps is where the person who is ready to begin developing their intuition (and even mediumship) starts.


If you have already been having spiritual experiences or paranormal activity and don’t know what to do or where to start this is THE CLASS for you!! This self paced course covers all the bases when it comes to giving you the tools that you need in order to safely navigate the spiritual realm, understand and manage energy, and how to open up a strong communication with Spirit.  You will use these tools and techniques throughout your development and beyond!

More and more people are becoming sensitive to energy as the veil between our world and the spiritual realm becomes thinner.  Often times they feel like they are either going crazy or they are having an increasingly difficult time being around others.  In fact, the number one symptom people have when they are starting to AWAKEN is anxiety. Spirit wants to work with you to create your dream life and business but first you have to learn how to manage your human experience during this shift. Just the fact that you are here reading this means that you have been led to explore your gifts and bring Spirit and spirituality into your life (and business).

As a newbie to all of this, this class helped pushed me to try things I never would have tried on my own, and opened my eyes to new things I didn’t know about. I truly loved your positive energy and knowledge of the spirit world. Thank you for creating this class and making it so easily accessible to so many.

Missy Partlo

In this self paced course you will learn:


Spiritual protection practices

Get all the tools every awakening person needs access to and learn when and how to use them.


How to start connecting to your intuition


How to prevent (or stop) unwanted spiritual experiences

Learn how to be the boss of your human experience


Learn how and why to ground down

Grounding for spiritual protection and communication


Discover how you command energy

Learn how you move energy in order to receive specific information from Spirit


Learn how Spirit communicates with you

Your intuition is the tool that receives information from Spirit (your guides, Angels, past loved ones and consciousness)


Create your unique dialoge with Spirit

Learn how you can grow your very own “language” with Spirit that can enhance your life and other’s through receiving and delivering information from this higher realm.


Learn at your own pace

Access to video lessons & assignments can be done on your own time!

Bonus Lessons Include…..

Learn Brandaleen’s top 4 ways to blow your intuition wide open!!

What do you get

Video and audio files for each lesson

Hands on home assignments to start your awakening process

Lifetime access

Brandaleen is amazing! When she gave me my reading it was spot on! I would highly recommend her! I would also highly recommend her classes!! I’ve learned so much about myself and how my intuition works. She has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.

Betsy Southhall

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What More of My Clients Are Saying

“Excellent Teacher I had the pleasure of taking her classes, Brandaleen Johnson is very knowledgeable & inspiring I can’t say enough! I’ve learned so much and am now prepared to be my own boss!! I recommend her VERY HIGHLY! Thank you Brandaleen very much!”

Rosie Kopenhefer

“Through her teachings I now see, hear and just know things every single day! It’s such a great feeling to give someone a message from the other side. There’s nothing better then seeing people go from not believing to tears of joy after a reading. I couldn’t have done it without her! The one on one phone calls she provides with the intensive classes are amazing! She really wants her students to become who we are meant to be!.”

Laura Bryant

“I took Brandaleen’s classes and I learned much more than I thought was possible. I took the intensive class with the intention to learn to communicate with passed loved ones and came out of the class realizing that my bipolar diagnosis of 15+ years is wrong! I am a medium! Thank you so much Brandaleen for opening up my eyes and my soul so that I can live life to the fullest now!”

Jill Love

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