Awaken – Exercise Your Gifts

Are you an intuitive and need to exercise your muscles?

Are you looking for more confidence in the gifts you already have?

Would you like to expand your gifts and your awareness into areas you haven’t yet experienced?

Do you do AMAZING readings one day and the following week you feel like you were “just lucky” or you made it all up in your head?

Hello Soul Friend!

This self paced course is perfect for you if you want to discover new techniques and open up to gifts you didn’t even know you had yet!

If you are working on developing your gifts then you know that it can feel intimidating to trust the invisible realm.  Your confidence can waver from day to day because of the nature of what you do!

Say goodbye to self doubt!

*This course is NOT for a beginner.  Please see the other AWAKEN courses or contact me to place you!


“Seriously falling off my chair moments on a daily basis taking Brandaleen’s classes! I amazed myself at just how truly gifted I am! I always considered myself intuitive, but never would’ve developed these gifts if I hadn’t been given the right tools in my “spiritual tool box.” Love the format, the content, the connections with Brandaleen and my classmates. A HUGE THANK YOU for empowering me on my spiritual journey!”


Gina Casey

Imagine how many more people you can help with your renewed confidence and expanded techniques!

Spirit is waiting to help you grow as an intuitive all you have to do is accept!


“Brandaleen’s classes helped me step into my own power. I’m not the same person. I’m a medium. You would never hear me say that before. I’ve always been haunted by spirits my whole life. When we first spoke on the phone we argued over it, as I wasn’t giving in. Finally she said “ok you’re not comfortable calling yourself a medium, yet.” I’ve accepted this aspect of myself, and learned all the things I’m capable of. Through her classes I AMAZED myself!!! Forever grateful to you!”

Jennifer Wilson


In this self paced course you will get:


At home exercises

Learn new techniques to practice at home


Mediumship Exercises

You will get:

Photo assignments of passed loved ones

Photo assignments of living people to get information from their passed loved ones

Name only assignment


Missing items and people

Tap into your ability to find missing people and items with photo assignments and at home games


Remote Viewing Assignments

Learn to receive information from an unknown time or place


Animal Communication

Practice your ability to speak to animals with both photo assignments and at home suggestions


Explore your ability to do health scans and intuitive health readings



Exercise your existing gifts with photo reading assignments

Stretch your muscles with practice photo readings with DETAILED feedback provided


Trade readings with the members in our support group

You can do phone readings, trade photo readings, or even ask the members to participate in exercises you want to strengthen


Learn at your own pace

This entire course can be done on your own time!

Bonus Lessons Include…..

Video training on how to do readings as a refresher

Video training on ego and intuition to bust out of your fear

What do you get

Lifetime access to our exclusive support group which includes both beginners and advanced alumni from Brandaleen’s AWAKEN courses

Photo Assignments where you will get DETAILED feedback from your exercises

Video trainings to enhance your learning experience

Home assignments to exercise and strengthen your intuitive muscles

AMAZING!! Brandaleen is fantastic at what she does! Her classes are highly recommended also! I took the intensive class in hopes of learning to trust myself…well let me tell you I gained that & sooo much more! Her bubbly personality is quite contagious also! Love her!!


Gina Mathison

Four Payments


Eight Payments


What Some More of My Clients Are Saying

“Excellent Teacher I had the pleasure of taking her classes, Brandaleen Johnson is very knowledgeable & inspiring I can’t say enough! I’ve learned so much and am now prepared to be my own boss!! I recommend her VERY HIGHLY! Thank you Brandaleen very much!”

Rosie Kopenhefer

“Through her teachings I now see, hear and just know things every single day! It’s such a great feeling to give someone a message from the other side. There’s nothing better then seeing people go from not believing to tears of joy after a reading. I couldn’t have done it without her! The one on one phone calls she provides with the intensive class are amazing! She really wants her students to become who we are meant to be!.”

Laura Bryant

“I took Brandaleen’s classes and I learned much more than I thought was possible. I took the intensive class with the intention to learn to communicate with passed loved ones and came out of the class realizing that my bipolar diagnosis of 15+ years is wrong! I am a medium! Thank you so much Brandaleen for opening up my eyes and my soul so that I can live life to the fullest now!”

Jill Love

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