law of Attraction Group Program


Do you ever take a look at other people’s lives and wonder why they have it so lucky?

They’re going on multiple vacations and you haven’t had a real one in years.

They’re eating at fancy restaurants and you secretly at off the value menu.

In every photo they are glowing with joy and you look like you are always worried.

You HAVE had some great moments of your own but you had to make major sacrifices to get them.

You want more!

It’s time to shake things up and make way for more purpose, happiness and adventure!

Join the 3-month law of attraction group program!

What’s the solution?

Work harder?  Like that’s even possible.

Your programming tells you to spend every waking moment trying to find the solution.  People keep telling you to “think positive” and “work harder”

There’s one thing you know and that is you can’t spend the rest of your life like this.  Even if you could you sure don’t want to.

You need a way to break out of the patterns and have the life that you really want…..


You’re inspired to create magic and insane transformation throughout your entire life!

You’re ready to work with the Universe, recognize the signs, and see miracles unfolding right before your eyes.

You’re craving a tribe of spiritual besties who are as revolutionary and grounded as you are. Together you have your sights set on soaring high, creating radical movements, and finding joy in every moment!

I’m here to tell you, you can!

Past programming is an epidemic.  And, honestly, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.

Awaken.  Align.  Ignite.

Awaken.  Align.  Ignite. is everything you need to create a new blueprint and implement the strategies for real positive change in 90 days.

Take a second an allow yourself to fantasize about your dream life.

When you close your eyes do you picture:

  • Being totally aligned with who you are meant to be.  You know you are special but don’t know how to find it.
  • Having a healthier body.  You try your best but don’t see the changes you want.
  • Having more abundance and finally stop worrying about money.
  • Taking multiple vacations or having more freedom in your life.  Right now that doesn’t seem like an option.

I am forever grateful for making the choice have Brandaleen as my coach.  I not only made a $12,000 bonus during our time together, I earned a new car!  I made life long connections with some very powerful souls in the group program, and I will be forever better because I get to witness their journeys.

Jessica Schulte

Brand Promoter , Lev-el

Take a look at this proven curriculum that gives you the easy shortcut to living a life on your terms!

Month 1

Awaken to your current programming and frequency

Week 1

Discover your money mindset blocks

Week 2

Explore your subconscious beliefs about love

Week 3

Identify your health and appearance blueprint

Week 4

Get clear on the movement of your mind

Month 2

Align with your Soul’s desires

Week 5

What do you REALLY want?

Get crystal clear on what you want so you can create the kind of life that makes your soul sing!

Week 6

Develop unique strategies to stop resisting and start manifesting!

Week 7

Identify the blocks in your energy system

Week 8

Like attracts like.

Implement habits that the law of attraction must yield to

Month 3

Ignite your life (and business)

Week 9

Limiting beliefs

Discover tools to stay on top of your manifestation game

Week 10

As within so without

Explore and adjust your surroundings so that you are open to receive

Week 11

Social media

Utilize social media to become a manifestation tool

Week 12

Assemble your ultimate desires

Hi! I'm Brandaleen

Hi! I'm Brandaleen

Hi, I’m Brandaleen and I’m living proof the law of attraction works!  I left a job of over 15 years in Corporate America over 7 years ago, have been madly in love with my husband for 18 years and have a positive body image after struggling with diets almost my entire life!

I’m living my dream of helping others break free from a life that doesn’t serve their Soul’s desires!  Let me help you too!

Group Coaching with Brandaleen was A-Mazing!! Soul-centric exploration to flush out what your individual gift is to bring to the world along with several empowering accountability partners to help keep you on task to bring your vision to fruition.

Amy Jenner

Awaken. Align. Ignite is taught by Brandaleen with the help of carefully selected guest experts who have changed their own lives using the law of attraction.

Your guest experts

The fastest way to change your life in leaps and bounds without working or worrying yourself into exhaustion.

By leveraging the power of brilliant minds who know how to take you there, because they’ve done it themselves!

In Awaken. Align. Ignite. you’re getting the best of the best!

These guests are experts just as Brandaleen is in the law of attraction.

Kathryn Strong

Kathryn Strong

 After a motor vehicle accident nine years ago, two major surgeries and multiple minor surgeries on her neck and back, Kathryn had lost all hope of living a normal life.  She struggled with depression and her mind was in a fog from all her medications.

Today, even after nine years, she is still going to physical therapy two to three times a week, but now she finds time to enjoy life to the fullest and never takes a single second for granted!

Through learning and practicing the law of attraction, and personal development, Kathryn has the perfect life.  The one where you get to stay home with the kids, go on exotic vacations with your love (and family vacations), watch your kids grow right before your eyes and never miss a Christmas concert, softball game, dance recital, swim lesson?

Now known as Momma with a Mindset, she coaches others through her exact process.

Megan Hall

Megan Hall

Megan discovered she was being manipulated and taken advantage of by her very own best friend and boss.  She was shaken even further when she ended up in a long and painful court case.  Through this, Megan found that the law of attraction was her only avenue to find peace in a chaotic situation and to change her life.

Now, Megan lives a life filled with magic.  She is famous for using her phrase, “what if” and allowing what follows to manifest freely.  She now has her own business as a Reiki Master, equestrian, and spiritual coach and she helps others change their perspective on what they deserve and how to achieve it.

Amy Marie

Amy Marie

Amy is a spiritual coach and healer who focuses on helping others find comfort, balance and empowerment. Because of her strong belief in the law of attraction, one of her techniques is called “soothing”.  This helps her clients bring their energy back down from chaos and get back in alignment with attracting what they really want.

Get ready to receive all of this when you join!

The complete Awaken. Align. Ignite. program designed to give you the tools to make your dreams start to become reality in 90-days.

($8,000 Value)

12 Video trainings that walk you step-by-step through the Awaken. Align. Ignite. process

($2,000 Value)

12 Live group coaching calls to answer your questions, break through your blocks, elevate your mindset and keep you on the path to your greatest desires!

($3,000 Value)

3 Guest expert trainings

($1,500 Value)

Worksheets and checklists with action steps to keep you moving forward!

($500 Value)

An accountability partner who will help you stay focused on the prize and hold your vision for the future, especially during the moments you can’t

($1,000 Value)

The private Awaken. Align. Ignite. Facebook community where you have 24/7 access to your high vibing soul trip who are taking this journey along side you.

($1,000 Value)

Life time access!  You will never have to pay for an upgrade or pay to retake the program!


when you join Awaken. Align. Ignite. you’re getting $8,000 in value for $555!

Hey girl, hey!!!

The first 10 people to pay in full for Awaken. Align. Ignite. will get a private shesh with Brandaleen for FREE!

Oh heck YAAASSS, Brandaleen, I’m so ready to Awaken. Align. and Ignite!!!

“Brandaleen, helped me define my purpose and passion in my life, put together a business path for my chosen passion, and the number one thing I discovered coaching with Brandaleen, was that it was all possible.  I was going to be living my purpose, while helping others and becoming financially independent.  To give the gift of hope is an amazing thing!  She helped me get rid of self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with positive thoughts.”

Jill Landrie

Are you extra serious about manifesting your deepest desires and want full on support?

Because I’m offering top level support for 5 VIPs.

At the VIP level you will receive everything listed above plus……

*Wait for it*

Six 30-minute calls with Brandaleen.

If you’ve been daydreaming about having Brandaleen’s expert eye on your life and how to manifest your best life, this is how to do it!

Let me in!!

“Before I worked with Brandaleen I didn’t know I had the power to create my own reality.  After working with her both in the development of my mediumship and in a coaching scenario I have now manifested the love of my life and the career of my dreams where I am making the impact I knew I was here to make!”

Stephanie Ewert