Until about a year ago the only thing I looked up having anything to do with astrology was my horoscope and even that wasn’t something I took to seriously.

As part of our spiritual awakening we will eventually come to the understanding that everything is interconnected, EV-RE-THANG!

Right now all kinds of energy gateways and star portals are opening and moving energy in our lives.  This is a very important time to be careful with our thoughts because as the solar eclipse approaches (8/21) we are manifesting at an extremely rapid rate.

We are also in Mercury Retrograde (link to calendar) which means communication may fail.  It’s a time to finish projects and old unfinished business may present itself.  Things to steer clear of are making large purchases, signing contracts, or starting anything new.  During retrograde we are being called to reflect on what we have completed and let go of what no longer is serving us. It’s a great time to lay low, tidy up and be prepared for delays or inconveniences.  Watch the video below for more information and tips on how to have the best experience during this 4 week period (ending 9/5).

Additionally, this solar eclipse is going to be amazing!  From what I learned, the sun represents our ego and the moon represents our Soul.  Basically, the eclipse is going to lock your ego in the bathroom.  Woot woot!  The ego is always trying to keep us safe but that also means not stepping out of our comfort zone.  It tries to keep you small because it HATES change!  This is a great opportunity for your Soul’s passion to finally get the attention it deserves.

Whether you have been frozen in fear to start something new, such as doing what you came here to do (lightworking, breaking free from the norm, creating a world changing brand) or even if it is something you started ages ago, such as writing a book or planning a sustainable farm, both of these desires will be so strong that you can’t ignore them any longer.  (Especially with Mr. Ego being held captive in the bathroom)

You are being called to be a leader.  You are being called to follow your desires.

Grab your journal and write down an action plan (don’t take action until the 5th) and keep your ego in the bathroom!

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