Today I was on a call with a potential coaching client who also has a spiritual based online business and she brought up that she was having some serious money mindset issues in her business.

After speaking to her for a few minutes I shared with her that she doesn’t have a money mindset issue but more of what I call “savior syndrome”.

As a spiritual entrepreneur myself, I have had to do LOTS of self discovery and do the work to break through TONS of limiting beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur.  You could be a stay at home mom and still struggle with savior syndrome which directly affects your abundance my friends!

She went on to tell me about a 4-week program she offers where her clients get unlimited messaging, a weekly 1:1 call, personalized meal plans, recipes, and even a weekly personalized spiritual reading.  Shoot, that sounds good to me but then she told me that they get all this for 59 Pounds or $82 US Dollars.  She said that people keep telling her that this is too expensive and so she keeps adding more value and she even lowered the price.

Why do I call that “savior syndrome” and not a money mindset issue?

Savior syndrome is something I had early on in my business.  I was so excited that I had found the solution to having a purpose filled life through developing my intuition and mediumship and then turning that magical transformation into an online spiritual business that provided my family with much needed income, that I wanted everyone to experience this joy and fulfillment too!

When people came across my path and said they couldn’t afford my program I was devastated.  I wasn’t devastated because of not receiving their money, I was more concerned that they were missing out on the chance that their lives would be better from taking my courses or coaching with me to build their online spiritual business.  In my eyes, both of these transformations would solve their problems and in the end make the world a better place.

So what did I do?  I went out of my way to “save” these people.  I would offer them a discount, barter with them or even…. gasp…., give my program away for free.

Now depending where your money mindset is right now is how you will react to the above sentence, however, here is what I have found along the way and why I no longer have the “savior syndrome”.

If you go out of your way to try to save someone you are not only holding them back but yourself back!  When they are READY to do they work they will be blessed with the abundance (or find a way to get it) to do so!

#1 – People do NOT do the work unless they feel they have given you a fair exchange or it hurts their wallet.  There was only ONE PERSON out of the many that I gave my program away for free that actually completed it.  For example, I’ve had people pay in full for a program that was around $400 and never even show up to do the work in the program.  If I charged that same person 4 THOUSAND dollars, I bet they would have showed up.

#2 – What you have to offer loses value if you give it away.  Do you remember your mom saying that you didn’t appreciate the expensive shoes she bought you but later in life you wore them proud when you save your own money for them?  Perfect example!

Money Mindset is based on your beliefs you have from previous programming.  Programming from your parents, from society and from past experiences that led to a subconscious beliefs.  For example, if you reacted to this previous sentence (I would offer them a discount, barter with them or even…. gasp…., give my program away for free.) with thoughts like, “well you should offer people discounts; if you make more money than them it’s your responsibility; or you owe it to them” then those are all thoughts based on having a poor mindset.  A rich mindset would have thoughts like “they aren’t ready to transform yet; it’s not important enough to them; and the like”   (In my new AWAKEN. ALIGH. IGNITE. group program we will be going into great detail on this subject starting 4/9/18)

What was my advice to the spiritual nutrition coach I spoke to?

  • Increase your prices (by a LOT)…based on her current rates she would be making less than minimum wage while offering massive value and transformation.
  • Change it to a group program and have a VIP level for those who want to pay for 1:1 calls
  • Extend your program to at least 8 weeks to 90-days because real transformation takes time
  • Brand yourself as a leader in your industry to attract the clients that are ready

How does savior syndrome relate to non-entrepreneurs?

Over giving to your family members can lead them to expect you to do things for them.  It can turn into co-dependency.  When we create strong boundaries on what we will do for others that is when we gain respect for what we have to offer.

Do the self work!

In my first book, Your Freaking Amazing LIFE, I share all about topics like people pleasing, over giving, self worth, and so much more!  Go on my personal journey with me and grab a copy today!

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