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When we can settle into the magic of the present moment, even if only for a tiny dip into consciousness, (because we all know our minds want to know what’s for dinner), we will find that in this moment, ALL IS WELL!

The more we are present, the more we will take action from a place of peace.  We can allow the hurriedness of trying to get somewhere or something fall away.  When we do that the very thing we desire naturally flows to us.

“Trying” means you are operating from the illusion that you are in control.  The very act of trying sends you out of control.

Knowing all is well in every area of life helps you take action with the right intentions.

Ask yourself this:  Why do you want to get somewhere or have something?

You may unconsciously be acting from a place of lack.  Lack of money, love, fame, success, etc.

Consciously, you may uncover you are trying to get somewhere or something simply to FEEL a certain way.  You can FEEL that feeling right now, in this moment.  What if you felt that way every day, every moment?  Would you desire the thing or destination you sought or would you realize you don’t actually want the thing or destination any longer?

Deep thoughts from invisible consciousness

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