Spiritual awakening is slowing the eff down long enough to be aware of what is really going on.

Society is a distraction.

For example:

How many bottles of shampoo do you have? That may seem like a silly question but when you allow yourself to ask yourself “why do I have more than I need”, it opens your mind to the possibility that you have been living unconsciously.  Other questions that may arise are, “what are the ingredients of what I am spending money on as a self care product; are the ingredients beneficial or detrimental to my health, and why do I need to even ask that question?

Do you take time to feel your own energy field?  Can you feel your chakras spinning?  Do you sense areas in your body where energy may be stuck or not flowing properly?  When we slow down to feel how we feel it allows us the opportunity to make changes before any dis-ease could manifest.

Paying  attention to your actual desires is a huge one.  If you are scurrying through life like most humans, you are only doing what it takes to survive in the third dimension at that moment.  Such as running to the store, bank, post office, etc.

Most everyone is focused on what’s on the outside and trying to have their life fit in that they lose track of why they are really here and who they really are.

Take time each day to look at your life and question every aspect of it. Who are you? What do you really want? How do you feel today, really!?

Another suggestion that works great for me is consciously making an effort to consistently be in the energy of other conscious people.  Be it a spiritual development book, a documentary about people making a change, or gathering with like minds both locally and on online platforms. This way you are constantly dipping into the energy you do want and not falling asleep at the wheel.

Most recently, I have enjoyed the following:

Minimalism on Netflix

Bringers of the Dawn

Living on One Dollar on Netflix 

What is your latest conscious choices?

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