This live video left so many highly sensitive people snotty nosed crying!  It’s true, I hit a part of their Soul and they had to let it all out.  It’s all good, because we have each other my Soul Friends!

So much happened!  Jesus took the wheel in the form of a bunny, my dog spoke to me before my shower, narcissists gone wild, and my giant natural hair secrets prompted someone to try and sell me keratin! 😀

I’ve shared about this topic in the past but this time it was just different.  The vibe was high, the engagement was off the chain and I was speaking directly to your Soul’s.  (Goosebumps – I mean validation bumps)

Tonight, when the kids are in bed, when you aren’t scrolling through social media and when you might just happen to be having some wine, then pull out the tissues, put in your earbuds and give this a listen.  You’ll love all the analogies I give, including the fact that you may be an incarnated Angel and that’s why you care so dang much!!

After you watch it share your deep feels in the comments below.  Am I describing you to a T?  Do you have the “air bag” I mentioned? Is life and your relationships difficult for you to navigate?  Can you relate with ALL of the topics in here?  Share with me in the comments and then share this entire post on your social media so we can help educate the masses about your sweet, soft, and powerful self!

And in the end of the video I talk about THIS.  Don’t peak until you watch!

Are you highly sensitive, an Empath? It's a blessing and a curse. Watch and share yo! ✌️#empath#spiritual#awakening

Posted by Brandaleen Johnson on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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