Towards the end of the Summer of 2017 I started feeling low and having self limiting beliefs come up about my life, business and my abundance.

I told myself that if I could just follow a daily routine of going on a 30 minute walk, journaling for 15 minutes, meditating for 15 minutes and eating healthy that I would have a break through and be forever happy and abundant.

While on one of those walks I could hear my thoughts about how I would “be rewarded” by the Universe for doing what I intended and then I heard the voice of Spirit almost interrupt my own thoughts and say, “you reward yourself”.

At the time I felt that if I was proud of myself that that was the reward but being human led me to punish myself for not continuing my “rewarding” routine and for awhile there everything seemed to be falling apart.  Here I was an entrepreneur for over 7 years, which was an amazing accomplishment, but I was losing hope in staying that way.  One of my friends said, “you are despondent”, and I’m not gonna lie I had to look up the meaning and she was right, “loss of all hope” is what it said.

The thoughts that were coming up for me made me absolutely sick.  The thought to go back and get a “real job” was horrifying but the circumstances of some changes my husband and I made led me to think that may be the case.  I’m being 100% authentic when I say I actually started looking.

Fast forward to today and my spiritual business is booming, to say the least!  I feel so excited for all the opportunities that seem to be coming out of the woodwork and they just keep coming.  I can check my phone in the morning and there are several orders that were placed overnight and the Awaken.  Align.  Ignite. group program I just launched was my biggest launch ever.  In addition, I ran a promotion a couple weeks ago for 24 hours only and I made over $2,000 in one day!

What changed?

My thoughts change.  My expectations changed.  My beliefs changed.  But most of all I removed the blocks that I had set in place the previous summer.

The reason I put those activities on my daily to-do list last Summer was to level up in my business.  I follow tons of successful people and everyone of them has a strong personal development game going which included all the things I wanted to have in my daily routine.  But what happened is I turned those routines, or not doing those routines into a BLOCK!

Continuing on with this story, one of my newest coaching clients told me on the phone today that she has been dreaming of becoming a spiritual coach to help people who are going through, I like to say “growing” through, recovery.  How exciting!  I love when people are ready to show up to their greatness and help others walk through what they have had experience in.  But then she said, “but I have to heal more.  I have a lot more healing to do before I can help others.”  Wait, what?  She has already been on her journey for some time now, she has become a Reiki practitioner, a yoga teacher, she has delved into so much self development it will make your head spin!

That’s when I shared with her that she has created a list of blocks that until she removes them off her “must do this first” list then she will remain blocked.

Later on in the call she shared a golden nugget with me when she said, “every day I do a journal exercise and list 3 blessings that I expect to happen that day”.  She went on to say that after doing this for a couple months that every single day she sees at least one of the 3 blessings that she writes about daily.  She told me these blessings she writes down vary from hearing her daughter laugh a big laugh, seeing a customer have unexpected joy, or making over a certain amount that day at work.

As soon as she shared this story with me that’s when I told her that the simple thoughts we have can block us or bless us!  AHHHH…..aaahhhh….ahhhhh (insert angelic singing here).  Can you say aha moment?

The point is, the Universe doesn’t care what your command is.  It follows every detail.  If you attach success to doing daily yoga and you miss a day, guess what?  Bye bye success!

If you are being delivered anything less than miracles in your life then take a look at what you believe to be true and sign up for the waiting list for my next Awaken to your programming, Align to your desires, and Ignite your life group program.




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