Are you a business or a brand?  What is the difference and what are your target clients looking for?

Defining a Business

A business simply markets their product or service with a logo and a big advertising budget.  People aren’t falling for that anymore because there are advertisements everywhere and we become immune to their intended effects.

Have you ever heard the statement, “this is the greatest thing since sliced bread”?  Back in the day before things were packaged, when a new product came out all they had to do was advertise the solution that product created and people came running for it.  I mean, imagine when Aspirin was first invented.  A pill that takes away pain?  Everyone must have it.

But now days, if a company decides to create a pain reliever they are screaming out to the masses.  That pain reliever will have to do something above and beyond any of the others to sway a consumer from using what they are accustomed to.

As we evolve as a species we are becoming increasingly sensitive to our intuition.  As consumers ourselves that means that we are making decisions about where we spend our money based on how we feel and not necessarily on what we are being shown or told.

Defining A Brand

A brand has heart.  A brand has personality.  And, a brand creates an emotional connection with its consumers which in turn makes them life long clients and even friends.

Let’s focus on the solution your product or service has so that you know what connects your brand to its clients.

I’m willing to bet that as a spiritually minded person you didn’t start selling your product or service just to make money.  It most likely made a large enough impact on your life that you wanted others to have the same solutions.

Ask yourself, “what solution has my product or service brought into my life?”

I always have my coaching clients do a brain dump type of exercise and have them make a giant list of all the solutions their product or service has brought them.  Here are some examples:

  • Working for yourself can bring with it time freedom to pick up the kids from school, the freedom to work from anywhere (if it’s an online business), and to not have to ask your boss for a day off or feel guilty for calling off sick.
  • Perhaps you healed yourself through Reiki, the Law of Attraction, a nutrition program, DNA repair, etc.
  • Maybe you found happiness through a spiritual awakening, found your Soul’s purpose and learned how to look at life with a whole new set of eyes (literally, your third eye)
  • You may have grown through trauma, abuse, addiction, or depression from your product or service.

Now you have a list of problems that no longer plague your life.  Now what?

I’m going to share something that may shake you up a bit but guess what?

People don’t want what you are selling.  They don’t want your product and they don’t want your service.  They want what they want.  Remember, if you are acting like a business you are shouting out to the masses.

Think about the last time you spent money on yourself.  Was it because someone approached you with a product or service or was it because you had a problem and you saw someone who had the solution?

The next step is to share your solutions in your marketing strategies.

If you focus on the solutions directly and leave your product or service out all together you will not only gain credibility in that subject, you will start creating relationships (emotional connection) with the people who need your solution!

Once you start attracting and creating relationships with your target clients start looking at them like friends and love the heck out of them.  I saw a saying once that said, “I help my friends and then I make new friends”.  What a genius statement!!  As spiritual entrepreneurs this should come natural, BUT, sometimes even we get distracted because on one hand we know the impact that we are making by spreading the light and on the other we know we have bills to pay.  Our spiritual side says that we will be provided for while our ego is screaming lack.  

Whichever voice we decide to listen to is what we take action on because actions only follow beliefs and beliefs come from repetitive thoughts.  This can change on a regular basis because one day you may be in your center and the next something can trigger you into unconsciousness, AKA, ego.

How do we take action based on what our Higher Self knows to be true yet still be on track to sell our products or services?

We get clear on what we expect (notice I didn’t say need – need is a lack word) to bring in abundance wise and then we share our solutions with love and kindness which creates valuable relationships.  That’s not just a beautiful brand, that’s a brand filled with light and love with clear intentions of where they are headed!

Even businesses are starting to try and brand themselves so that they don’t get lost in the mass of advertisements.

Have you noticed how some larger businesses are now hiring celebrities to be involved in their advertising campaigns?  For example, Matthew McConaughey and the Lincoln commercial.  Why do you think they are doing this as opposed to hiring any actor for a simple commercial like they did in the past?  It’s because a celebrity is a brand!  Consumers have an emotional connection with celebrities.  They love their music or the character they portray in a movie, etc.  They may literally be attracted to them romantically or look up to them as a role model.  Why wouldn’t you want the same clothes, their fancy car or their entire lifestyle for that matter?

Now you know the difference between a business and a brand and that your target clients really want a relationship with someone who has a heart, someone they look to and someone that has the solution to their problem.  Share your love and reap the rewards you so deserve!

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