Align Your Biz


Are you ready to wake up every morning feeling confident knowing you are attracting the clients that need you?


Are you ready to reach even more clients and make a greater impact?


You know how to run your business but you want MORE, you want people to seek you, not the other way around!


Do you wonder, “am I even being seen”, even though you are posting on social media like crazy?


You have something AMAZING to help people with, because it helped you and you are filled with excitement when you see someone’s life changed because of YOU!


Are your dreams so big you get overwhelmed and don’t even start to create them?


Do you feel confident in your brand one day and then the next you just don’t know anymore?


It’s time to shake things up and make way for more purpose, happiness and adventure!


Join the 8-week Align Your Biz Spiritual Group Coaching Program 

“I joined Brandaleen’s group coaching program because I was looking for support and accountability in my health and wellness business, and in life overall. Before the program I was overwhelmed with my schedule with my 4 kiddos and working in the nooks and crannies of my day.

I LOVED the program, the guest expert trainings, and connecting to like-minded peeps. I’m so grateful to have connected more of my spiritual side with my business and am so grateful for the support and friendships!!”

Sarah Prario

You are a badass for getting this far!

You saw the fear of becoming an enterepreneur and you did it anyway!

Now it’s time to step up your game as a leader and influencer by using the Universal Intellengence in your brand.

You are ready to function as a member of society AND stay on your spiritual path!

You are so passionate about creating a better life through your business but you keep getting stuck.


Could there be an easier way to make your dreams a reality – one that feels better and brings you JOY?

Could you fully share your Divine purpose of helping your clients without sounding salesy?

Could you really step into a lifestyle that creates an impact and lead others to a better life?



You want to wake up excited and energized to do the  “work” that comes from your Divine purpose. There are people who are waiting for you to shine your light to show them the way. #Rippleeffect

You’re inspired to create magic and insane transformation throughout your entire life!

You’re ready to work with the Universe, recognize the signs, and see miracles unfolding right before your eyes.

You’re craving a tribe of spiritual besties who are as revolutionary and grounded as you are. Together you have your roots deep and your sights set on soaring high, creating radical movements, anchoring the light and finding joy in every moment!

“I joined this spiritual group program with Brandaleen because I was having overwhelm with juggling my day job and my at home art business. I found both spiritual support and the strategies I took away helped me shift from overwhelm into action!  Being able to share with others going through the same struggles was such a rewarding experience. I’ve made lifelong spiritual friends – something that was the best gift of all.

Brandaleen’s energy is bubbly and warm. She is a wealth of information. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones to have the opportunity to be under her wing. Her teachings have changed my life for the better.”

Kim Yager


  • Learn to work in flow and alignment with the Universe
  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs that are keeping you within the constraints of your programming
  • Develop a strong mindset that will serve as your foundation to unlimited possibilities
  • Cultivate a spiritual practice that supports huge breakthroughs
  • Be seen as a leader and an influencer in your field of expertise
  • Have confidence in your brand statements
  • Establish lasting routines and structure in your life
  • Expand your circle of like minded revolutionary friends

What you get!


This 30-minute private coaching call isn’t like any coaching calls you’ve ever been on – because Spirit coaches with me.  We cover miles of ground work in a single session, leading the way for you to make massive change.


These 4-live trainings with Brandaleen are designed to help you up level your mindset around who you are as a leader, how to market yourself as an influencer, and what to focus on when you are putting out content.


Your tribe of lightworking entrepreneurs will be a mirror for what you need yourself

Prepare for spiritual coaching, celebrations, vulnerability, tears, reflection, and strategies that will get you in-stuck and get you into breath taking, high powered momentum.

Eight interactive live and recorded support calls, one per week.


You deserve the best, and you will learn from the best. That’s why you will be coached not only by Brandaleen herself, but from some of the most conscious minds in the industry.

These guest experts will train you in their unique specialty, giving you even more tools to work with.


Soul friend, you will finally have people who know you aren’t crazy and no longer be alone during your spiritual awakening. It’s time to accept support from like-minded lightworkers who have your back.


Module 1 – Branding


Learn to become a magnet to attract your perfect client

Increase your sales and productivity and have clients seeking you instead of the other way around.


Create your authentic brand

Understand how to brand yourself even without a website so that you stop spitting in the ocean and your tribe can find you.


Learn to weave your brand in every post

Increase brand awareness by including it in every post.


How to pinpoint your target client

We will explore together who your target client and how to attract them using emotiongraphics!


Step into your role as a leader in your industry

Don’t just brand yourself learn how to be seen as a leader to attract new clients and downline in your industry

Module 2 – Social Media


Take control of your algorithm

Learn simple steps that will have the algorithm working in your favor and reach more clients than ever before!


Learn how to keep your target clients seeing you first

Find out how to keep track of target clients and keep you on their mind


Learn where to be seen most

Find out where you should be on social media and how to be seen multiple times a day

Module 3 – Content


Learn Brandaleen’s exact method

Brandaleen will share in detail her exact step-by-step attraction marketing techniques.  You will have hands-on assignments to strengthen your knowledge and be able to see results right away!


Have access to “done for you” social media posts

There will be exercises in both branding and attraction marketing that will give you “done for you” and “example” text to use as your own.


Learn when and how often you should be posting

Have access to my weekly checklist so that you don’t miss your target clients by posting at the wrong time, not enough or too much.

Group Coaching with Brandaleen was A-Mazing!! Soul-centric exploration to flush out what your individual gift is to bring to the world.

Practical help to establish your brand, advice utilizing social media, several empowering accountability partners to help keep you on task to bring your vision to fruition.

Brandaleen’s group coaching was also very important part for healing my connection to source as I was going through the beginning stages of my separation and divorce.

Amy Jenner


I believe if you are waiting for the Universe to deliver you the life of your dreams, you’ve already lost. And you deserve much better than that. This moment is all that you have.  You can use it to make leaps forward or you can stay where you are.

This program is reserved for those who are ready to claim their power and be the change!

I know it can be scary to commit to your greatness, but you have to trust in the transformation more than you trust the fear.  When you do, you will open the floodgates of prosperity and happiness.

I left Corporate America seven years ago and after my spiritual awakening and personal growth, I have found my divine life purpose and helped hundreds do the same!

I am forever grateful for making the choice have Brandaleen as my coach. I was able to find my true purpose and implement attraction marketing during my time with her.  I realized what I needed was a whole lot of PERSONAL development to help with my business. She gives you the right push, not a shove, you have to show up for yourself too. The group coaching experience was my favorite part of my coaching experience with Brandaleen. I made life long connections with some very powerful souls, and I will be forever better because I get to witness their journeys.

Jessica Schulte

Brand Promoter , Lev-el

When you sign up you are getting over a $2,500 value for only $744