Hey girl, hey! I’m so excited you’re stalking my about me page!

I always tell my clients, “your darkest moments are the path to your power and your purpose” and that’s exactly how I came to be who I am today!
I left Corporate American after 15 years in marketing and commercial real estate because it was sucking my Soul! I had a feeling deep in my stomach that there was more to life than trading my time for money! But that wasn’t the only reason.
I started having insomnia and actual panic and anxiety about going to work. I kept thinking to myself, “when will this end” and the answer I got was “when you are 72 and you can collect social security”. That thought alone made me so depressed that I knew I had to figure something out, and FAST!
Immediately following, I moved across the country, had my Spiritual Awakening and was dabbling as an entrepreneur. I was making big changes but I found myself, broke as a joke, confused, disconnected from relationships, and I felt abandoned by the entire Universe!
My spiritual awakening led me to see, hearing and feeling things I never knew existed and have abilities I never imagined were possible. It was magical but at the same time, I felt lost and confused because there was no one else I could talk to without sounding like a crazy lady. Even my relationship with my husband almost failed because he thought I really was losing my mind.
Not only was I the weirdo on the block with my friends and family, being an entrepreneur was completely foreign to me and my own mother was disappointed that I left the security of my “real job”. If my mom didn’t approve or support my efforts then how could I make it happen on my own?
There were some seriously depressing times in the beginning.
Thank goodness for those challenges because I found the solution and vowed to help others so they didn’t struggle through the same pain!
I studied the law of attraction, I coached under some amazing business coaches, I removed myself from pleasing others (mom/husband) and created firm boundaries around my pricing. I learned how to blend business strategy with mindset, and working with Spirit, the quantum field and using my own intuition. That’s when everything changed!
Today I am known as Spiritual Awakening Babe!
I am a Spiritual Coach who helps people awaken to their spiritual gifts, align to the frequency of their dream life and business and IGNITE their future!
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