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This program is designed for the conscious babes and bros who are serious about awakening to their spiritual gifts and coming into alignment with their dream lives and businesses.

You’re signing up for access to monthly strategic trainings on intuition and mediumship development, the law of attraction and personal and business growth.  When you enroll you will get 10% off any of my paid online services and programs and you will gain access to various e-courses, guided meditations, and more!

I’m on a mission to show you that it is possible to create your dream life and business even if you don’t yet have the money to invest in my one-on-one coaching programs!

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Meet your Facilitator

Are you craving coaching, support and accountability in developing your spiritual gifts, harnessing the law of attraction, and showing up as a leader to be a positive  influencer to others?

Are you overwhelmed with the information out there and don’t know where to look for clear guidance?

Do these concerns sound familiar?

  • I think I’m gifted but I don’t have anyone to turn to for help.
  • I am so tired of being broke and depressed.
  • I want to do readings but I don’t know where to start, plus I’m scared.
  • I want so badly to understand and embrace the law of attraction but I keep finding myself attracting the same things over and over.
  • I’m a spiritual entrepreneur and I need help believing in myself and building my brand.
  • My life is a hot mess and I just don’t know where to start.
  • I want you as my coach but the thought of investing that much right now scares the hell out of me.
  • I wish someone would show me exactly what to do to shift my money mindset.

How many of these thoughts cross your mind on a regular basis?  Are you sick and tired of waiting for your dreams to come true?

I got you!

This VIP program for conscious babes and bros offers you consistent training, guidance and support!

“Before I had my spiritual awakening and discovered the Universal law of attraction, I was just like you!”

…..I was broke and depressed

….I didn’t know my purpose

….I tried so hard to fix it on my own but was left spinning my wheels

…..I followed a multitude of spiritual leaders and became overwhelmed with the wide range of information.

…..I thought I was going crazy

Good news!!  I found the step-by-step method in awakening my spiritual gifts to their true potential and became an expert in the law of attraction!

Catalyst for people who are ready to:

  • Learn to work in flow and alignment with the Universe
  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs that are keeping you within the constraints of your programming
  • Develop a strong mindset that will serve as your foundation to unlimited possibilities
  • Cultivate a spiritual practice that supports huge breakthroughs
  • Establish lasting routines and structure in your life
  • Expand your circle of like minded revolutionary friends

What you get when you join the

Alingment Academy!


ONE STRATEGIC TRAINING PER MONTH ($100+ value) Trainings will rotate each month on intuition & mediumship development, the law of attraction, and personal and business growth and will be delivered to your inbox! WEEKLY MOTIVATION & TIPS ($250+ value) Motivation and tips designed to keep you in alignment with your dream life and business delivered to your inbox every week! YOUR NEW HIGH VIBE TRIBE (priceless) Soul friend, you will finally have people who know you aren’t crazy and no longer be alone during your spiritual awakening and personal growth. It’s time to accept support from like-minded lightworkers who have your back. MONTHLY VIP COACHING SUPPORT CALLS ($250 value) You submit your questions and I will provide a live training in the VIP group answering them all! 10% OFF YOUR FUTURE INVESTMENTS IN MY ONLINE PROGRAMS (Unlimited value) You deserve the best, and you will learn from the best. As a VIP you will get notified before everyone else when a new program is about to open for enrollment and save 10%! THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO HAVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE. I believe if you are waiting for the Universe to deliver you the life of your dreams, you’ve already lost. And you deserve much better than that. This moment is all that you have.  You can use it to make leaps forward or you can stay where you are. This program is reserved for those who are ready to claim their power and be the change!

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