December is upon us! That means we’re making a list (of goals!) and checking it twice! It is time to reflect on the past 11 months and plant seeds for the next 12. Remember that the universe only takes us seriously if we take ourselves seriously.

I have found it helpful to make a list of various areas of growth that I am focusing on. I reflect on each one and rate myself on how far I have grown over the past year. Not beating myself up for what I didn’t accomplish, but celebrating what I did.  Our human minds generally focus on what we are lacking or what we are desiring and not on what we have already achieved. Go ahead, try it, and make sure to give yourself credit for the work you have done so far.

To dig a little deeper ask yourself the following questions:

What has changed in my business’ reach this past year?  How has my audience or following grown?  Where did that growth come from?  Was it local or online?  If it was online take an inventory of what social media platforms are gaining the most momentum or have the highest engagement.  I actually keep a monthly growth chart for this but looking back on how much your audience has grown over 12 months can really be exhilarating!

How did my sales grow this year? What area of my business had the strongest growth? Where did the sales come from? Were they first time buyers or repeat customers?

How has my living environment or office environment shifted this past year?  Is it less cluttered or more organized?  Does it have more color? More light? Have you brought in the each element in it in order to attract the highest possible energies?  As silly as having a different environment may be, remember everything you see and feel is a contributing factor to your growth and if you are serious about it then you will take some time to make sure your environment is supporting you and not hindering you.

What about your spiritual growth?  Have you grown spiritually? What have you done to grow closer to your higher self? Do you meditate? If so, are you having better connections in your practice? Did you start a new routine that brings more of your spiritual practices into your life and business?

How have your relationships grown in love and strength?  Have you created stronger boundaries? Maybe needed to kick people pleasing down another notch? Or perhaps allow others more space without judgement?

What kind of self development did you pursue this past year?  Did you invest in a coach, a development program in your area of expertise, or read multiple books?  What new knowledge or skills have you obtained because of your self development?

What about your identity as a whole?  This is a big one!  Who did you perceive yourself to be last year versus now?  What kind of beliefs do you have about what is possible in all areas of your life and business?  How has your money mindset shifted?  Do you see yourself as someone completely different? Maybe a better version of you? You likely do!

Now that you have taken an inventory of many areas of your growth, now you can take the next step and add a little neurolinguistics to the mix to help you create stronger pathways in your mind for more future successes and growth.

Take each one of your areas of growth and bring your attention to moments over the past year and relive them in your mind.  You will want to feel the emotions you had at the exact moment of your achievements.  Be sure to imagine this achievement as if you were inside your body and actually re-experiencing them because your subconscious mind will actually go through the motions and create a real life experience. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and remembered or dreamed when we really ‘feel it’.  The point in doing this exercise is to connect with these feelings so that in the coming months when you launch a program, or invest in a coach, or start something new, you can put yourself in this same emotional state that will surely help you attract the outcome you desire.

Next up on our ‘year in review’ is to make a list of what no longer serves you!  It’s time to level up and in order to do that it means letting go!

You can go through the same list and ask yourself if there are things that you can leave behind.  For example:  In the business reach list, is there a social media platform that you have been using that is not creating results?  Let that go!  Are there clients that make you feel less than excited to work with?  Let them go and only work with the highest vibrational client that is truly ready to change by using your products or services.  Are you charging enough for your clients to have the transformation they desire? Remember, the cost of your product or service is a reflection of the change your client desires and if it’s not high enough they won’t take the transformation serious enough.  Do you have a product, service, or a task you do that you are starting to resent or resist?  These emotions are a call to look within and make some changes.  Your Soul knows the way and feeling resentment or catching yourself resisting a task may mean it is time to remove or delegate a task and raise your rates.

Now that you have looked at, and hopefully celebrated, your growth it’s time for you to set some intentions for this coming year.  Again, use the same list from above and write out some goals for this year.  Remember to associate a feeling that you will have with each goal and visualize it being met because the power of your subconscious mind coupled with the quantum field of consciousness are the super power behind achieving them.

You are a spiritual and conscious being so you know that pulling out your spiritual tool box is just as important as setting concrete goals.  Light a candle, sage/smudge your office, clean up your clutter, create a sacred space and then invite your spiritual team members to be with you as you intend to meet your next level of personal and business goals!  If you’ve kept a close eye on a role model who is or has already achieved what you are working towards I can almost promise you that you will see that they include these spiritual practices when they set their goals too.

If you can see it (in your mind), and you believe it, then you can achieve it!  Blessings for your success in 2019!


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