Awaken – Your Clairs

Awaken – Your Clairs is the course for you if you have you been wondering how to connect with this valuable tool and utilize it to level up your human experience and start letting the blessings of life flow to you instead of trying figure this thing called life out on your own.

Your intuition, when developed, gives you greater access to information from your higher self, Universal Intelligence (consciousness) and your spiritual team. Most people have been trying to create their life without this connection which is kind of like trying to build a house without any tools or materials.

Your intuition is made up of various “invisible muscles” that when exercised become available for Spirit to send information to you.  It’s like installing your own personal hotline to “all the answers”.  Without these muscles you are left to guessing because your team can’t get through to you as well and you literally get disconnected from Source which is basically a frequency.  Think of it like a piano that is out of tune.  It can still play but the song, just isn’t right.

Imagine how much more magical your life will be when you can start to see, hear, feel and know things that you didn’t have access to before! Just the fact that you are here reading this means that you have been led to explore your gifts and bring Spirit and spirituality into your life (and business).



The fact that you are reading this page right now is NOT a coincidence!  Dive in and start developing your invisible muscles today!


Was very dubiously about taking this online course being from the UK., but when I got going I was completely amazed at how this was exactly what I needed to learn. I knew I had some abilities but this course was what helped me enhance them more. Highly recommend.

Richard Jackson

In this self paced course you will learn:


Intuition in action

Learn how the words you say direct you to which aspect of your intuition is already working


How to use your intuition to make life decisions


Meet and communicate with your Spirit Guides

In this module you will learn

  • What exactly is a Spirit Guide
  • How they plan an important role in guiding our lives.
  • How to approach meeting them
  • How they “speak to you”
  • How to establish communication with them
  • Gain tools to strengthen your communication with them

Additional topics include:

  • Animal guides
  • Getting validation from your guides
  • Using your guides to make decisions
  • How to use guides to assist others and more!

Learn how and why to ground down

Grounding for spiritual protection and communication


Discover and develop Clairvoyance

Learn, in detail what Clairvoyance is and how it works Gain the tools to develop and strengthen this gift of signt


Discover and develop your Clairaudience

Learn, in detail what Clairaudience is and how it works Discover the tools to strengthen this gift of psychic hearing


Discover and develop your Clairsentience

Learn, in detail what is Clairsentience and how it works Discover the tools to strengthen this gift of psychic feeling


Learn at your own pace

Access to video lessons & assignments can be done on your own time!

Bonus Lessons Include…..

Learn the traits of Empaths Learn the symptoms of being a Medium

What do you get

Video and audio files for each lesson

Weekly homework assignments to exercise and develop your intuitive muscles

I loved this class. I’ve always had a gift but never did anything to develop it until I found Brandaleen. Now I have developed all my clairs. Brandaleen is so compassion about not only her gifts but yours. I am recommending this to my friends who, like me, had it but didn’t do anything about it. Thank you so much Brandaleen for all your help.. I love you for it. Now my dream is coming together.

Brenda Ramelis

What Some of My Clients Are Saying

“Excellent Teacher I had the pleasure of taking her classes, Brandaleen Johnson is very knowledgeable & inspiring I can’t say enough! I’ve learned so much and am now prepared to be my own boss!! I recommend her VERY HIGHLY! Thank you Brandaleen very much!”

Rosie Kopenhefer

“Through her teachings I now see, hear and just know things every single day! It’s such a great feeling to give someone a message from the other side. There’s nothing better then seeing people go from not believing to tears of joy after a reading. I couldn’t have done it without her! The one on one phone calls she provides with the intensive class are amazing! She really wants her students to become who we are meant to be!.”

Laura Bryant

“I took Brandaleen’s classes and I learned much more than I thought was possible. I took the intensive class with the intention to learn to communicate with passed loved ones and came out of the class realizing that my bipolar diagnosis of 15+ years is wrong! I am a medium! Thank you so much Brandaleen for opening up my eyes and my soul so that I can live life to the fullest now!”

Jill Love

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