The last couple weeks I have connected with multiple people concerned about their relationships and because of that I have some tips from Spirit.

You can’t save anyone. 

It’s ok to love the people around you and want a better life for them.  However, if we stop moving forward in our life in order to solve their problems for them doesn’t do either of us any good.  They won’t change until they are ready so it’s important for us to keep doing our work.

It’s not your job in the first place. 

Many people feel guilty like they are abandoning the very person they love.  If you focus on your growth it is going to light the way for them to follow.  The very thing that helps them change may be the fact that they see you moving forward and they don’t want to get left behind.

Spirit wants you to live YOUR life, not theirs. 

Every minute that we try to save someone is a minute that we sacrificed our own lives.  This may sound ass hole-ish but when it comes down to it it’s true.  I’m not saying cut any relationship off as soon as they appear to have a problem or are stuck.  I’m saying to be conscious.  Lend advice.  Show them the steps through being an example.

Abraham Hicks put it perfectly when they said “you can’t be poor enough to save a poor person, you can’t be sick enough to save a sick person”, etc.  The better your life is, the more of an example you are leaving and the more people you can help.If they fall away it’s because

If they fall away it’s because the relationship no longer serves you. (And it’s gonna be ok) 

Of course we want a partner.  Of course we don’t want heart ache from a break up.  Of course change is hard and sometimes hurts.  But, again, if we change our actions and behaviors to keep the peace when we no that the relationship has gone sour, that means we need to do some self work in regards to feeling whole alone.  When we let go of what no longer serves us we open the doors for new and better to come in.

What outsiders say about your relationship or how you should handle it is THEIR journey not yours. 

Everyone has an opinion based on their beliefs and they love to share it as if it will work for everyone.  This is not the case.  Every person has their own frequency and their own journey.  I just heard Spirit say, “simple nod and smile and make your own decisions”.

Their beliefs may be different than yours and they may judge you for it but that’s not for you to worry about.  Being whole means being able to make decisions that go against others beliefs and not batting an eye.

Your relationship does NOT have to look like the one society painted for you. 

This gets brought up in my relationship readings, A LOT!  People have been programmed on what a relationship is “supposed” to look like and if theirs doesn’t fit inside that box then they start feeling guilty, like they don’t fit it, or something is wrong with them.

If you and your partner are happy then that’s all that matters.  Spirit doesn’t care if you have kids out of wedlock. They don’t care if your partner is the same sex.  They don’t care if you have multiple partners.  They don’t care if you don’t have kids.  They don’t care if you get divorced with small children.

The point is they want you to be happy.  If it feels good, it is good.  If it feels bad, it is bad.

You may think you want someone exactly like you, but, trust me, you don’t, so stop trying to change the person you are with. 

I use my husband in this example all the time.  If he was a spiritual as I am and did all the spiritual practices I do he’d probably drive me nuts.  Instead he is my ground, the person who pulls me down from the clouds of the 5th dimension and back down to earth.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s important your mate generally supports you in your beliefs and desires but having someone with their own beliefs and desires creates a beautiful balance.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy or feel whole. 

If we feel like we need a partner to be complete then we are opening ourselves up for manifesting a toxic relationship.  If you don’t feel whole you feel broken.  Feeling broken is a sign that you need to do some self love work.

When you feel whole you can set better boundaries with a new relationship.  If you can take yourself out to lunch or to a movie and enjoy your own company, this is a perfect sign you are cool to chill with yourself and you will attract another whole person!

Lord knows Hubbalicious and I have our own journey and I have to say that HONEST COMMUNICATION is key! 

It’s ok to say how you feel after a heated debate.  It’s ok for you to ask for more attention in a certain area.  It’s ok to share how you like to be loved.  This clears up any confusion.

No one stays the same. 

Nothing stays the same but change.  Every day we become someone new so don’t expect your mate to become stagnant after you connect.  Some partnerships end after 30 years and their family feels devastated but they should celebrate the 30 years of growth together.

Keep growing together and you may just stay together! 

If you show up and do the self work then your mate most likely will too.  It’s great to encourage each other to do the work – meditating, self discovery, breaking old habits, etc. – but it’s just as important to allow your partner to make it their decision so it is an equal partnership and not one person acting like they are better.

These are the 9 main tips that flow through me during relationship dynamic readings.  There’s a lot more to relationships but following these guidelines will surely help them be healthier.

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