How many do you have? 🤔

7 signs Spirit wants you to work with them as a lightworker!  It seems so surreal but it’s true.  There are invisible beings that are calling many of us into action.  We have been in a human slumber for a very long time and now as we are evolving as a species and the frequencies are shifting we are becoming more aware of who we are, a spirit inside a human body.  It seemed far out for me when I transformed but now that I have shifted it only makes sense that we are here for more than going through the motions of society.

These 7 signs you are having a spiritual awakening are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more but these are the typical ques that Spirit is starting to be more of your life.

Sign 👆– You see 11:11 all the time!

Sign ✌️ – You hear your name being called but no one is there.

Sign 3️⃣ – You know there’s more to life than paying bills until you die but you haven’t found your purpose.

Sign 4️⃣ – You can feel the emotions and/or energy of others without being told.

Sign – You have social anxiety or feel a wave of energy upon entering large public places.

Sign 6️⃣ – You wake up often between 3-4 am

Sign 7️⃣ – You have an overwhelming desire to change the world and/or help people.

These may seem normal but these are all the signs that people who are starting to AWAKEN have and when you go through this transformation you will be amazed at your special gifts and finally feel fulfilled by living your Soul’s mission!

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