When we make a conscious decision to up our game in life and business we are deciding to leave an old story or belief behind and open up to find new ones that support who we want to be, what we want to do and what we want to have!

To transform is to become something you have never been before.  While change is inevitable in your life and business, when you are the one who decides to morph into another version of yourself you get catapulted into the unknown.  For many their fear of the unknown is what keeps them going through the motions of life in a state of unconsciousness because choosing a life of mediocrity keeps them in their comfort zone (even though settling for less than what we deserve seems painful enough to me).

For those who dare to trust in the invisible forces of the Universe enough to take messy action, they are usually greeted with a truck load of blessings!!  The Universe is waiting on you to turn your dream into a decision and when you do you get a high five and a golden star by your name!

The whole point is to prepare to stay on the receiving end of the blessings coming your way because soon the rush of new energy subsides in order for you to continue to steer the ship.  Otherwise you are presented with “opportunities” to go back to the old you, the old comfort zone.  Because, who are you to become great or to live a life of abundance, freedom and joy?

Remind yourself every day where you are headed and what it will feel like!

While you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the long road ahead, you do want to plan on what you want in years from now, not just next week.  Planning only for the week keeps you playing small but owning your dream for reals is planning for your LIFE not just a season!

Tony Robbins says that failing to plan is planning to fail and he is right.  Whether it is meal planning to stay on track with a nutrition plan or if it is planning to level up your business to hit six figures, you have to have a plan!!

Give gratitude for where you are at now!

When your eye is on what you want to have you may not notice what is being presented at that moment.  I read somewhere that the Universe loves a helpful and appreciative student, not someone who pushes away the other kids out of the way to get at all the cookies.  Remember, the law of attraction gives you more of what you are focusing on so focus on feeling grateful to get more opportunities to be grateful!

You WILL be presented with stimulus that can knock you off your Unicorn!

Right when you are rolling in the abundance from changing your old beliefs and taking super star action you may get an unexpected bill that can unlock the bathroom door and let your ego out to start yelling your old story at the top of it’s lungs, “see, I told you this was too good to be true”!

I even had something as small as $100 dollars that I spent on some summer clothes stick with me for a couple days and realized it was stemming from an old belief that “I didn’t deserve new things because the old things still worked”.  You are allowed to have new things that make you feel good, ALWAYS!  Feeling guilty for loving yourself can close the door to blessings in an instant!

Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be or who are doing what you want to do!

There’s a difference between comparisonitis (not taking action because someone else is already doing it or doing it better) and being influenced by other influencers!  It’s nice to know that what you want already exists and all you have to do is make some adjustments (starting on the inside) to get in alignment with your desires!

People who are already there or already one step ahead of you are quick to share how they did it.  Why?  Because they were where you are now before and truly successful people lift others up.  Once you know that this Universe is busting at the seams with everything and anything we want that’s when you know there’s more than enough for everyone.

Hire a coach or invest in a self development program!

I’ll never leave this one out because, just like we have Spirit Guides who are constantly guiding us to our desired destinations, having a coach is crucial in helping you see through your limiting beliefs and helping you level up in all areas of your life and business.

Just like a psychic can’t give themselves a reading, you generally can’t see where you are lacking in your beliefs, your prices as an entrepreneur, your self worth, or even see why you got stuck in a cycle that just keeps bringing you the same results.  A coach is trained to see through all this and they usually do in just a few minutes.  Then you can be guided to the solution and level up that much faster instead of going through the same old cycles you did when you tried to figure it out yourself.

Last but not least, do whatever it takes to stay on your Unicorn and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


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