A few years ago my business was in its infancy.  I knew what I wanted it to be but I seemed to be going in a circular pattern.  I would write a to-do list in a notebook only to come across that same list months later while leafing through a mess of half torn out pages.

The same thing was happening with my eating habits.  I knew I wanted to eat healthier and that would last for a hot second and then I would find myself back to my old routine.

I thought, “why can’t I get my shit together and complete what I started or even make headway for that matter”.

Thats when I reached out to someone who did have their shit together, my longtime Facebook friend, Abbey Fatica, who ended up to be my first personal coach.

Fast forward two years and I have written two books, grown my own coaching business, developed successful online courses, increased my, then pitiful, rates by over 500%, expanded my reach by thousands, and so very much more things to celebrate in both my personal life and business.

I have learned so much about the importance of goal setting that I am sharing tips for you to achieve yours, because, soul friend, you came here to be great and have the lifestyle of your dreams!

What do you really want?

First, you’ve gotta know what it actually is that you want.  Often, we send mixed signals to the Universe because we think we want money, but what we may really want is a sense of freedom, or perhaps to travel.  Both of those may actually be achieved without the all mighty dollar.  Let the Universe do the how, while you steer your ship to the actual desired outcome.

Write that shit down!

When you write down your goals it brings a thought into the physical realm and increases your chances of success by 56%!  Once written down your creation is already being brought forth.  Hint:  Don’t do what I did and scribble it inside a notebook that will be discarded.  Get yourself a journal that you will use only for goals and/or important things that you want to go back and reference.

Break your goal into small chunks.

Big goals can be overwhelming and while I suggest to GO BIG, your ego will be quivering in fear of a large change.  So sneak around your ego by making small goals that lead to the big results. It’s a great idea to read your goals on a regular basis.  Some people read them before bed and upon waking.  The more you think about them the more likely they will happen.

Share your goals with a friend.

Once the secret is out, you will feel a sense of obligation to actually show up and do the work.  Sharing with a friend actually increases your chances of success by 64%. (See how the odds are going up?)

Hire a coach!

Just like I was tired of running in circles even though I felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing, once I hired my coach, that’s when the magic happened.  Having to report to someone once a week leaves you with no excuses as to why you didn’t do the work.

I would say 100% of the time that we self sabotage because of underlying limiting beliefs and through our own programming as we grew up, that having someone to call you out and lead you to solutions to grow and change is a necessity!

86% of people don’t even have goals.  They somehow settle for the life they have and never decide to create the life they really want.

People that have coaches have a 76% greater chance of success than those who don’t according to Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University.

Implementing these five tips is sure to get you on the road to achieving your goals, creating a better life and impacting those around you to do the same.  Be the change you wish to see, my friends!


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