People always ask me, “Brandaleen, what can I do on my own to start developing my intuition and my mediumship?” (don’t worry, dead people are people too – and just like strangers in the store, you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t wanna!)

Here’s the 4 most important things to start doing to AWAKEN your innate abilities!


Yeah, I know, you have a party going on in your head.  I did too!  You see, meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts, it’s about starting to become aware of what they are up to!

Tip:  Start out by counting your breaths.  Say, “I’m breathing in once, I’m breathing out once”.  You will end up interrupting yourself with thoughts, and that’s ok.  Don’t judge your experience, just go back to the breath.

I recommend to my students to meditated for at least 15 minutes a day for 5 days a week!

Journal your booty off!!

During your meditation you may have noticed some sensations or thoughts that seemed to come from nowhere or aren’t what you normally experience.  This is perfect because that means you are starting to become AWARE of what has always been there.

Even if nothing happened, journaling is a great practice to do after meditation because your mind is in a different phase and can still receive information as you write.

Practice makes perfect!

In my development courses, the students start seeing behind closed doors in basically the first week. (shocked?)  You don’t know what you are capable of if you don’t try so practice using your muscles.  Who’s on the phone?  What color is your coworker wearing?  Etc.

Get validation!!

I’m like the validation police with my sessions.  I want to know, even if I have to wait years, that what I said during our time together is on point, comes into fruition, and the like because without validation you don’t know if you are really making it up in your head, ESPECIALLY in the beginning!


Welcome to your awakening!!

But wait, there’s more!!!

Watch this video testimony from one of my previous clients on how she went from having a brain tumor and struggled with depression to becoming a psychic medium.  You’ll love it!

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