Being gifted is actually our normal state. At some point in our early childhood we learn that our gift isn’t accepted and shut it down. Then later in life we have spiritual experiences but brush them off as a physical, mental or health problem.

Everything is energy and as we become increasingly sensitive due to the scientifically proven shifts in our planet’s frequency we start to pick up on the energy and can develop the ability to translate this energy into information. It’s kinda like the dial on your radio suddenly produces music from seemingly nowhere! We are all radios, it just depends what station your dial is on.

There’s another level to this though and that is mediumship. The ability to receive information from other beings, Angels, and past loved ones in particular. Here are 15 signs that you may be starting to experience your gift as a Medium and what you can expect after developing into it.

Signs you may be a Medium:

  1. Anxiety when entering large places
  2. You wake up or experience a sudden onset of depression and you know there is no reason for it
  3. Afraid of being alone at night
  4. Electronics go wacky around you
  5. You have been diagnosed bi-polar, have an auto immune dis-ease, or even schizophrenic
  6. You have tons of thoughts running through your head and you think they just don’t seem to fit in with my personality. Thoughts could be negative and you KNOW you would never think them and so you don’t tell anyone. Maybe you think you are crazy. (Clairaudience, psychic hearing)
  7. You tend to all of a sudden give incredible advice to someone and later wonder “where” did that even come from
  8. You dream of your passed loved ones
  9. You can sense when a spirit is near
  10. You remember seeing spirits as a child or after a family death
  11. You suddenly feel creeped out or get goosebumps and sick stomach when visiting on old home or cemetery
  12. You wake up frequently in the middle of the night (usually around 3 or 4 am)
  13. You experience extremely scary nightmares
  14. People who experience all of the above tend to be attracted to you
  15. You self medicate to avoid all of the above

What you could expect after developing your Mediumship:

The ability to speak to past loved ones and deliver their messages to their loved ones
The ability to be a channel for beings of light to give energy updates to the masses as we shift
The ability to work in a paranormal fashion
The ability to find the missing bodies of a Spirit
The ability to work from anywhere
The ability to receive your own personal guidance

So, how many symptoms do you have?

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