I’ve put together 13 signs you are an Empath.  As we evolve we are becoming more sensitive to energy and for some can become overwhelming to the point they need to retreat.  Most people who are Empaths actually feel like they have a curse because it is so difficult to navigate through daily life.

After you answer these questions and if you feel you are in fact an Empath then keep on reading to find out that your “curse” is actually a blessing and you can tap into your super powers!

  • Is the phrase, “it’s too peopley out there” your motto?
  • Do people ask you, “why are you so sensitive”?
  • Do you sometimes go to the store in a good mood but end up balling in the car after leaving?
  • Do you need alone time just to recoup after being around a group?
  • Are you an over giver?
  • Do you have “cushions”, AKA extra weight around your mid section?
  • Do you feel the emotions of others without being told?
  • Do you have to “fix things” for others to keep the peace because you can feel them being upset?
  • Do people you don’t even know come up to you and dump their troubles on your lap?
  • Do you attract narcissists into your life?
  • Do you work in the medical industry?
  • Are you an animal lover to the extreme?
  • When you have a down day does it seem like no one is there to help you after all you do is help them?These are just a few signs that you are an Empath, a highly sensitive person.

    But guess what? You also have super powers! When you learn to develop your intuitive muscles you will find out that your sensitivity provides you with the strengths to help others.

After developing Empaths may excel at the following:

  • Empaths are amazing at channeling Angels!  As a matter of fact, I believe them to be incarnated Angels.  That’s why this world seems so harsh to an Empath because they are used to pure love and light.  When the Empath develops their intuition it opens them up to the Angelic realm and they can connect with these soft beings of light and deliver guidance to those in need.
  • They are fantastic at animal communication!  Animals are very innocent and they communicate through feelings and emotions which are second nature to the Empath.  As a matter of fact, many Empaths say that animals are drawn to them.  I know one such Empath that rescue animals seem to “find her” instead of the other way around.
  • Empaths can be excellent healers because they can easily feel their client and can sense what needs to be done.  I believe the majority of nurses are Empaths.
  • When doing readings, Empaths can be great at health readings because they can feel their client as if it was their own body.
  • Any type of life coaching or advice giving is sure to be on point with an Empath as well. 🙌If you want to learn to manage your energy so you aren’t having so many diverse affects from being so sensitive or if you want to develop into your Earth Angel-ness then find out more about the development class!
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